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Don't let yesterday take too much of today.
- J. Wooden

Here’s how I see it. Hue Jackson’s firing is not so much a terrible thing. Yes, I understand, it is shocking and too soon. It’s only been a year with Hue Jackson as a head coach and he deserves some time to develop. The guys in the locker room respect him; that’s known.

But, in terms of the front office and authority, Jackson had too much power in his hands, and that could be bad. I feel that Reggie McKenzie made this move not to prove a point but to relay the power back to the front office versus the head coaching position (this is all just speculation, and personal assumption). Jackson made critical decisions in his first year coaching term. Not so much because he wanted to but because he felt that it was necessary, and as a first year head coach, I felt like he panicked to win quickly. Al Davis preached to Just Win, and nothing more and it seems that Jackson felt that was his number one priority especially since the players and fans of this team were in desperate need of this new breath. 

It wasn’t so much his fault, and yet, it was. I blame the front office for not being better prepared for a shift in power. But, understand that since Davis was still alive, he probably didn’t even allow anyone to think there would be a shift in power.

Back to the firing, though. If McKenzie brings in an established head coach, I would deem this move a great one. Why? Because it does nothing but help the organization, players, and fans. If he brings in someone that has shown the ability to win and win with Raider persona, then we haven’t lost much. The players are still there. If McKenzie decides to bring in a rookie head coach, then I’ll question the firing of Jackson. 

Personally, I’m tired of trials and errors with the head coaching position. This team is built to win, now. It’s shown the ability to do so in several games already, but installing a new system will be difficult. That’s why I believe the new head coach needs to be someone with head coaching background in the NFL. It makes no sense to remove someone and replace his with another rookie. If someone with that established resume and experience comes in, the players, fans, and others surrounding that organization will know what it’s set in for.

Again, it’s a long shot, but I personally want someone like Bill Cowher as the head coach. He’s tough, seems to build his system on pounding the rock, and can air it out. The Steelers had their ups and downs in recent years. But he definitely left the team when it was at its best. Raiders have speedy wideouts, two great backs (that’s if they decide to bring Bush back, and I hope they do), and a QB who can air it out in Carson Palmer. That’s something like what Cowher worked with in Pittsburgh before he left. It’s a long shot, but I’d like to see it happen if Cowher decides to come out of retirement.

There’s nothing else I can think of to say about Jackson’s firing. I just hope McKenzie knows what he’s doing and what type of face he should keep with the Raiders, but if he wins, there’s not much to complain about.

Much respect to Hue Jackson, though. He led this team back to a winning way, and cared a lot about the players and winning. He was a great coach and brought back momentum to this franchise, but I guess making those front office decisions were what might have hurt his resume the most. Hope something great comes for you in the future Hue. Just make sure you don’t stay in the AFC West, though.

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